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Below is a list of all studies and publications that were performed within or in cooperation with the BioComm Lab. For research papers that did not utilize the lab equipment, please use the link below to see a list of publications from Comm Studies faculty.

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Listed below are some of the studies we have completed using the BioComm Lab. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Discrete Emotions in Anti-Smoking Campaigns:

Anti Smoking Title Image

Anti-smoking campaigns that use fear appeals often combine threat and efficacy messaging, but the success of this messaging is still up for debate. The current study utilizes the Extended Parallel Process Model (EPPM) as the basis for a 2 (high threat vs. low threat) x 2 (high efficacy vs. low efficacy) experimental survey study that tested the effects of anti-smoking PSAs on young adults (N = 146) utilizing remote facial expression tracking system in addition to the traditional survey measures.

Example Study Stimuli

High Threat Stimuli

Low Threat Stimuli

Low Effiacy Stimuli