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Submit your story and let us know what you have been up to since graduation! Open to all Communication Studies majors, minors, or students enrolled in a Communication Studies course. This organization focuses on career opportunities and leadership skills.

Advisory Council 2016-2017

  • Dr. Barbara Johnson
  • Dr. Dennis Romig
  • The Honorable Elizabeth Nash
  • Mr. Ben Wehman
  • Mr. Brian Miller
  • Mr. Craig Adams
  • Mr. Ernie Dominguez
  • Mr. Forrest Higdon
  • Mr. Jeff Hahn
  • Mr. Joe Hoffer
  • Mr. Kevin Leahy
  • Mr. Sam Zigrossi
  • Ms. Anne Grady
  • Ms. Kelly Fly Buster
  • Ms. Laurie Romig
  • Ms. Paula Fisher
  • Ms. Trish Bode