Career Readiness Program

Creating Your Career Plan

The Communication Studies Career Readiness (CSCR) program is an innovative experience for select students to discover and examine career options in the communication field by building a personalized career pathway comprised of hands-on experience, alumni-mentoring, networking, internships, and specialized advising. This program does not follow the traditional career counseling model, the CSCR program starts with our students' skillsets, interests, and passions to explore multiple career opportunities before narrowing.

Benefits and Opportunities

CSCR students will have experiences that most universities of our size cannot provide. This program is perfect for the motivated student who is not sure what they want to do after graduation. Here are some of the highlights and benefits:

  • Enroll in the exclusive Career Readiness Course that is unlike any college class
  • Students will be paired with an Alumni Mentor with similar interests
  • Participate in exclusive workshops and networking opportunities
  • Receive specialized internship coaching
  • Receive specialized academic advising
  • Build a Personalized Career Pathway that clearly guides you to graduation
  • Receive specialized job search training

Undergraduate Students

The CSCR Program is only open to Communication Studies majors and minors. This program is limited to 10-14 students per year who must be in good standing with the university, have a 3.0 GPA or higher, and must have at least two years of college remaining. Students will apply and interview for a spot in the program.

    • Declare COMM major or minor
    • Complete COMM 1310
    • Begin taking 2000 level skill classes (2315, 2330, 2338)
    • Complete online application and interview for Career Readiness Program
    • Attend spring Career Readiness orientation session and meet-and-greet if selected
    • Enroll in Career Readiness course fall semester
    • Begin working with alumni mentor
    • Identify internships to apply to and finalize resume and cover letters
    • Begin participating in out-of-classroom workshops and networking opportunities
    • Finish 2000 level skills courses
    • Complete COMM 3301 and 3302
    • Begin taking courses they have identified in personalized pathway
    • Meet one-on-one with director in spring to track progress
    • Attend spring Career Readiness orientation and meet-and-greet for new students
    • Complete internship and internship course (COMM 4390)
    • Continue working with alumni mentor
    • Meet one-on-one with director to track progress both fall and spring
    • Continue to take courses they have identified in personalized pathway
    • Continue participating in out-of-classroom workshops and networking
    • Update resume and work with Career Services to start applying for jobs
    • Attend spring Career Readiness orientation and meet and greet for new students
    • Graduate and start job

Graduate Students

Graduate students who want to participate in the CSCR program must be in good standing with the program and have a 3.0 GPA or higher. Graduate students are welcome to take part in the following ways:

  • Attend all out-of-class workshops and networking opportunities
  • Participate in a day-long graduate student workshop focused on career readiness. This workshop will include the highlights from the career readiness course and provide guidance on internships and the job search.
  • Earn an internship and enroll in COMM 5390, Communication Internship
  • Work with an alumni mentor with similar interests

Online Application

Both undergraduate and graduate students must complete the online application. Students will then be selected for interviews and notified by the director if they have been accepted to the program. Click the button below to get apply!

Requirements and Timeline

The CSCR Program is open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Please review the program requirements, timelines, and application information below.

Nikkie Saldivar Hodgson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Practice & Director of Career Readiness

Office Location: Centennial Hall 321

Phone: 512.245.5472