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Career Readiness Hosts Engaging Events for Students

Study Abroad Group Photo 2022

The Career Readiness Program, led by Dr. Michael Burns, is hosting multiple events this semester, all featuring Texas State Alumni. For additional information, please visit the website for the Career Readiness Program.

M.A. alum Victoria Locke, Vice President of Research & Assessment at Istation, presented “Companies Love Data: Leveraging Your Empirical Research Methods Course in Industry”. She discussed why it is crucial to understand the research process and how that prepares students for careers in many different industries. Istation is an award-winning educational technology company located in Dallas. Recent work at Istation includes research on the ISIP as a screener for the risk of dyslexia, the use of ISIP in bilingual and dual language education, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on student learning. Victoria currently develops and implements product research and innovation for the Istation’s Indicators of Progress (ISIP) suite of assessments that are used by millions of students.

Not a Trivial Event

Lambda Pi Eta is the honor society of the National Communication Association, offering undergraduate students the opportunity to expand knowledge of current issues in the discipline, explore employment options, and provide service to the department and the Texas State community.

The Delta Beta chapter of Lambda Pi Eta competed in Plucker's Wing Bar trivia competition. They were joined by Texas State President Kelly Damphousse, who provided some clutch answers. Pictured are President Damphousse and the members of the honor society, including Faculty Advisor Mark Paz.

Faculty Accolades

Tricia Burke had “The mediating role of social control in the relationship between family communication patterns and emerging adults’ weight-related outcomes” accepted for publication in the Southern Communication Journal. The paper was co-authored by M.A. alum Trevor Kauer. Tricia also had “Examining changes in affection and ‘feeling touched out’ after the birth of a child” accepted for publication in the Journal of Family Communication. The paper was co-authored by current M.A. student Abigail Mellow.

Ann Burnette published "Retire like a man: Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, and competing masculinities" in the book Rhetoric of Masculinity: Male Body Image, Media, and Gender Role Stress/Conflict. The piece was co-authored with M.A. alum Dr. Anthony LaStrape. She also published "The politicization of protests and protection: The major free speech issues during COVID-19 pandemic" in Public Communication in the Time of COVID-19. The piece was co-authored with Rebekah Fox. Ann did a live radio interview with host Roy Holly of KNAF, discussing the LBJ Museum of San Marcos and President Lyndon Johnson's connection to Texas State University.

Casey Chilton presented “Inspiring Others to Believe What You Believe (Quickly)” to the Texas Youth Preparedness Council Fall Training Event as they prepare their Community Impact projects for the Texas Emergency Management Conference.

Elizabeth K. Eger published "Resisting cookie-cutter fundraising norms: Rethinking power in nonprofit organizing," in Casing Organizational Communication, Volume 2. Elizabeth hosted a virtual session in which M.A. alumni presented on their research papers and how they use Communication Studies in their work-life. Presenters included: Chelsea Biggerstaff, Mike Cavanagh, Niko Corbin, Livia Hendrickson, Ramces Luna, Brad Palmisano, and Michael Tahmoressi.

Rebekah Fox published "The politicization of protests and protection: The major free speech issues during COVID-19 pandemic" in Public Communication in the Time of COVID-19. The piece was co-authored with Ann Burnette.

Marian Houser published the third edition of “Handbook of Instructional Communication: Principles & Practices of Teaching Rhetorical & Relational Perspectives” with M.A. alum Angela Hosek. The new edition of handbook covers an up-to-date array of topics that include social identity, technology, sex and gender, race and ethnicity, risk and crisis, and civility and dissent This volume demonstrates how to understand, plan, and conduct instructional communication research as well as consult with fellow scholars across the communication discipline.

Maureen Keeley published “Interdisciplinary simulation for nursing and medical students about final conversation: Catalyzing relationships at the end of life (CAREol)” in Palliative and Supportive Care.

Manu Pokharel published “Developing skin cancer education materials for darker skin populations: Crowdsourced design, message targeting, and acral lentiginous melanoma” the Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Lindsay Timmerman published “Redefining ‘healthy mom, healthy baby’: Making sense of traumatic birth stories through relational dialectics theory” in the Western Journal of Communication.

New edition of handbook published by Marian Houser with M.A. Alum Angela Hosek

Student Accolades

M.A. student Kirara Nagatsuka published, "Emotion, attachment, representation, and loss: A comparative study on what it means for objects to 'spark joy'" with Valerie Manusov in the Atlantic Journal of Communication

M.A. students Camille Kenner and Luis Ortiz presented "Drowning in oil: A case study of a small paper company in Odessa, Texas" at the Organizational Communication Mini-Conference in Austin, TX.